Sunday, June 10, 2012

where i find inspiration

i had a family session in downtown marshall this past saturday and on my way home i drove by this little gem.  i've passed it over and over again but have never felt like braving it with children or haven't had the time.  i went off of a whim and decided that i couldn't keep putting it off.  so i parked my car and made my way up the sidewalk.  it's an amazing home known as the starr family home, built in 1871.   the grounds are beautiful and the inside is amazing.  i wish i could show you pictures but there is no indoor photography allowed.  it is overflowing with history and gorgeous 19th century furnishings and paintings.  all of the colors and textures of the home are just amazing.  i literally could have stayed all day.  i love places like this.  they are so warm and full of character.  i couldn't help but walk away feeling inspired. 

what inspires you?

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