Saturday, June 16, 2012

a good six years.

it's hard to believe that i have been a mother for six years and one day.  but it's true.  this sweet boy celebrated his sixth birthday yesterday.  we woke up early to pickup fresh donuts for breakfast.  he took his brother and cousin along with him to lunch and a movie.  he has been so anxious to see madagascar 3 and boy did he love it!  all day long he has been repeating "chimichanga!  these pillows are filled with baby birds!"  i laugh hysterically every single time.  we finished off the evening with family, pizza, gifts, cake and ice-cream and some good old fashioned fun outside with his new bike and roller blades.  it was a good day to turn six.  and it's been a good {and by good i do mean awesome} six years.  and i love this boy like crazy!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

a change of scenery

i'm trying really hard not to beat my head into a wall right now.  i have spent so much time trying to decipher html codes and figure out just what exactly css is and i feel like i have just been running in ittty bitty circles.  for the time being let me know what you think of the new blog.  apparently i am still trying to find something that suits me.  and who knows!  maybe it will be different tomorrow.  you just never can tell with me.  i never did have a favorite anything growing up.  i just like what i like when i like it.  pretty simple.

it's off to bed for me now.

happy {early} thursday morning!

xoxo. ash

Monday, June 11, 2012

summer photography || darling doodles post

are you ready to capture all kinds of fun this summer with your camera?  i posted some little tips and thoughts over at darling doodles today.  zip on over and check it out!

xoxo. ash

Sunday, June 10, 2012

where i find inspiration

i had a family session in downtown marshall this past saturday and on my way home i drove by this little gem.  i've passed it over and over again but have never felt like braving it with children or haven't had the time.  i went off of a whim and decided that i couldn't keep putting it off.  so i parked my car and made my way up the sidewalk.  it's an amazing home known as the starr family home, built in 1871.   the grounds are beautiful and the inside is amazing.  i wish i could show you pictures but there is no indoor photography allowed.  it is overflowing with history and gorgeous 19th century furnishings and paintings.  all of the colors and textures of the home are just amazing.  i literally could have stayed all day.  i love places like this.  they are so warm and full of character.  i couldn't help but walk away feeling inspired. 

what inspires you?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

b family sneak peek || longview texas family photographer

i had so much fun with this session tonight!  this is my brother's sweet little family and they are sure a good looking bunch.  i want to stay up all night editing, but i think i'll have to use my willpower and walk away from the computer tonight.  there will be more to come!

don't forget i have special pricing on my family sessions for the month of july!  check it out here and let's talk.

night night.

xoxo. ash

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

special pricing for june

if you are in the tyler/longview/marshall area, now is the perfect time to have your family pictures updated by yours truly!  get in contact with me and we'll make it happen!


Monday, June 4, 2012

embrace the new normal

here's my little mini photog in training.  you can see the focus on his face can't you?  i love this boy!

it seems like for the last five years i have been telling myself "after such and such event, life will get back to normal."  normal being not so crazy busy.  it finally hit me yesterday that there is a new normal around here and that new normal is completely, insanely busy.  so now that i have made this profound realization maybe i can work on embracing it.

we are gearing up to sell our house right now which will mean attempting to keep a house looking show worthy while tending to two wild boys and a baby girl who happens to love momma's full attention all the time.  we'll be building a home out on eight acres of gorgeous property right next door to my brother and his family.  all of us, including tilly pup, are so thrilled for all of the opportunities this will open up for us.  i am definitely excited and definitely a little overwhelmed at all that we will be taking on in the next several months.  so have patience with me please.  i may disappear for spells at a time but i'll be back!

happy monday!

xoxo. ash

Friday, June 1, 2012

oh what do you do in the summertime?

one of my favorite things about the summer months is that i can corral my two little hoodlums out into the backyard after supper and watch as they burn off all kinds of energy.  it works out well for all of us because they get to enjoy themselves and i get to enjoy an easy bedtime.  it's a win win!

what are some of your tricks to staying sane in the summer?

xoxo. ash