Monday, June 11, 2012

summer photography || darling doodles post

are you ready to capture all kinds of fun this summer with your camera?  i posted some little tips and thoughts over at darling doodles today.  zip on over and check it out!

xoxo. ash


  1. My comment was deleted on the darling doodles post so I'll give it to you directly.

    You said: "if you own a dslr camera and you have found yourself disappointed that your new expensive camera didn't automatically produce amazing pictures, you are not alone! i have been there. amazing photographers have been there."

    Too many people are investing in cameras that are way too advanced for their personal needs. If you expect a camera to produce good pictures, you are undermining every single true professional photographer out there. You are saying that what we do is all based on equipment. It's an insult. Amazing photographers have not been there because they have put the time and effort into learning the ins and outs of photography so that they don't even hesitate when they're setting their camera for a shoot. Readjusting the ISO, shutter speed, f stop is as natural to us as breathing. If you want to learn how to use your camera enroll in a class.

  2. hi misty, i appreciate your concern on that comment but i feel like you perhaps didn't read the entire post. i am in no way saying that the equipment that you own is going to create your pictures. "amazing photographers have been there." that is saying that everyone starts somewhere. you don't just pick up a camera one day and know what to do with it to use it to its full potential. even some of the most talented photographers out there will admit that they were overwhelmed at times in the beginning. yes, after putting in the work it does become natural. but it doesn't just happen overnight. your camera can only do so much on it's own and for some people that is fine, but what is the point of that when you have invested so much money into it? this segment on darling doodles is not intended for professional photographers. it is to help "mom togs" in capturing priceless moments in their family's lives. many moms want to own a nicer camera and when they do get it they end up feeling overwhelmed by it because their pictures still don't look like the professional's. the spirit of the post was meant to inspire these women (and men as well) to do the homework involved in getting to a place where they can control their camera and use it to it's full capacity. not just to be okay with the camera doing all of the work and still having limitations placed on their photography. i find it surprising that this offended you and am only guessing that it was taken in a completely different spirit than i had intended.