Monday, June 4, 2012

embrace the new normal

here's my little mini photog in training.  you can see the focus on his face can't you?  i love this boy!

it seems like for the last five years i have been telling myself "after such and such event, life will get back to normal."  normal being not so crazy busy.  it finally hit me yesterday that there is a new normal around here and that new normal is completely, insanely busy.  so now that i have made this profound realization maybe i can work on embracing it.

we are gearing up to sell our house right now which will mean attempting to keep a house looking show worthy while tending to two wild boys and a baby girl who happens to love momma's full attention all the time.  we'll be building a home out on eight acres of gorgeous property right next door to my brother and his family.  all of us, including tilly pup, are so thrilled for all of the opportunities this will open up for us.  i am definitely excited and definitely a little overwhelmed at all that we will be taking on in the next several months.  so have patience with me please.  i may disappear for spells at a time but i'll be back!

happy monday!

xoxo. ash

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